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Autoimmune Hepatitis Score Calculator

Patient: Male Female       Date:

AST or ALT = , AST or ALT ULN =
AP:transaminase ratio =

IgG level above normal: <1 x 1 - 1.5 x >1.5 - 2 x >2 x
ANA, SMA or LKM1: <1:40 1:40 1:80 >1:80
AMA: Positive Negative
Hepatitis Viral Markers: Positive Negative
Drug History: Present Absent
Average Daily Alcohol Intake: > 60 grams (4 drinks) <25 grams (less than 2 drinks). (See below)
Histology: Interface hepatitis
Predominantly lymphoplasmacytic infiltrate
Rosetting of liver cells
None of the above
Biliary changes suggesting other specific disorder
Other feature suggestive of another disorder
Other Autoimmune Disease: Present Absent
Seropositive for other
defined antibodies:
Yes No (pANCA, anti-LC1, anti-SLA, anti-ASGPR, anti-LP, anti-sulfatide)
HLA DR3 or DR4: Present Absent
Response to Therapy: Complete Relapse after treatment

Autoimmune Hepatitis Score:

Pre-treatment: >15: Definite AIH; 10-15:Probable AIH
Post-treatment: >17: Definite AIH; 12-17 Probable AIH

One standard drink contains 14 grams of EtOH. See This handy guide from the NIH

This calculator is Copyright 2003 and 2014, Stephen Holland, M.D.
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Permission is granted to use this calculator. Please eMail me to request permission for other use.
This calculator implements the scoring system described in International Autoimmune Hepatitis Group Report: review of criteria for diagnosis of autoimmune hepatitis. J Hepatol. 1999 Nov;31(5):929-38. That scoring system is somewhat complex in that some features contribute to the score only in the absence of other features. For example, HLA DR3 positivity only contributes when other antibodies are negative. This calculator correctly scores such circumstances. Also, it is not possible to check off boxes in an illogical fashion.
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