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Updated 12/18/2013

Celiac Support Group Information

Meetings of the Wheaton Gluten Free Support Group are held on the third Thursday of ALL months of the year. The next meeting will be at Whole Foods (Community Room) in Wheaton from7:30 - 9:00 PM.It will be held at the Whole Foods store, located at 151 Rice Lake Square(shopping center) on the north side of Butterfield Rd. (Rt. 56) just east of Naperville Rd.
Please email me if you are interested.

If you are not in our area and want other Illinois support group contacts, please look at Celiac Support Groups in Illinois.

Primary Care Followup for Celiac Patients

Patients with Celiac Sprue often feel left out in the cold regarding followup visits for their celiac disease. I hear this over and over again when I give talks at Celiac support group meetings. The usual story is the GI doc has confirmed the diagnosis but the primary care physician is uncomfortable doing the followup. The rectify this situation in the Southwestern suburbs of Chicago I am training a number of primary care physicians in Celiac disease followup. Look to this page as I add physicians to the map below. (Well at this point I am just learning how to write the HTML so this works. At this point I am interested in learning who physicians are around here who have recognized celiac patients so I can start the educational campaign with local docs). Please eMail me your doctor's contact information at Stephen Holland, M.D.

Primary care physicians interested in patients with Celiac Disease:

Richard Steslow, D.O. South Naperville Family Practice 2088 Ogden, Suite 200 Aurora, IL 60564 Phone: 630-296-6019 Fax: (630) 236-4302
Marc L. Wiener, M.D. A & M Internal Medicine 27 W 170 St Charles Rd Carol Stream IL 60188 Phone: 630.562.9100 Fax: 630.388.0547

The Celiac FAQ - Frequently asked questions about Celiac Disease.

Protocol For Followup

A nice tutorial regarding celiac disease detection

Cookbook recommendation: Gluten-Free 101 is an excellent cookbook for the new patient with Celiac disease. For your convenience I have included a link to over on the right of the page. The utility of the book is that it is not just a collection of gluten free recipes, but that it also contains recommendations on setting up a gluten free kitchen, teaches cooking terms for the many celiacs that never knew how to cook and now realize they might need to, points out hidden sources of gluten, and offers tips on eating out.

Special Eats, provides training in finding and preparing delicious Gluten Free Meals. It is run by Sueson Vess, who is the moderator of our local Celiac Support Group.

Soup to Nuts, a store in Geneva with gluten free food.

The support group has a new ongoing group project. A list of gluten free medications was compiled by one of our members (who prefers to be anonymous). As a group we are reviewing this and reworking it. The list is one of medications that are thought to be OK. This is something of an experiment. Please understand that we are not acting as doctors with this list. We don't know you or your medications, and we will not be able to answer any questions. Comments about drugs to include or exclude from the list are welcome to my eMail address. Updated 2/2/07.

Maintaining the Partial Listing of Mainstream Commercial Gluten-Free Foods is an ongoing project of the Wheaton Gluten-Free Support Group. The list is one of foods that are OK, in contrast to many lists that are lists of prohibited foods. The list has been very well received as a practical tool to use for shopping planning. Last updated 9/2004.

Local restaurants that people people say are friendly to Celiacs.

Summary of a discussion from the Celiac List.

Bread Making Tips!
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